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With any equipment purchase, you are invited to work alongside our team to become completely trained before going it alone. We want you to be absolutely satisfied and comfortable with your purchase. From protective gear to replacement parts, to a complete turn-key operation, we can take care of all of your needs.

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Epic is the Kentucky distributor for Natrium soda blasting media.

Soda blasting uses a pure baking soda media to safely remove surface contaminants and coatings. However, all baking soda is not equal.

Epic uses, recommends, and sells only Natrium Soda Blasting Media.

There are two big reasons why we only use Natrium.

We offer three grades of Natrium for soda blasting:

Natrium 300 - Use for remanufacturing, or removal of the most difficult coatings where other soda media may have failed. Use where the highest productivity and/or the least amount of dust are required. Micron size: 350 Standard mesh: 45

Natrium 260 - Automotive and diesel engines, aerospace parts, turbines, pumps, turbo chargers, tanks, values, remanufacturing, and heavy coatings.  Use in applications where efficiencies would be realized by degreasing and removing coatings in a single step. Micron size: 300 Standard mesh: 50

Natrium 150 - Fire restoration, mold removal, wood surfaces, and applications where delicate coating removal and surface preparation with minimal substrate damage are required. Micron size: 160 Standard mesh: 100

We are happy to send you a free sample of Natrium so that you can see the quality for yourself. Just call or email us!

Call or email to order. We can offer advice on the grade to use for your specific project as well!

We can ship any amount from a single 50 lb bag to multiple pallets.

Buster Blaster

Epic is the seven-state distributor of Buster Blaster blasting equipment.

The Buster Blaster Soda Blasting System is the only equipment that was designed from the ground up specifically for soda blasting. Other manufactures may call their equipment a soda blaster, but you will just be pouring soda into a sand blaster, and you will end up with flow problems and huge media usage.


Epic is a multi-state distributor of the entire line of Marco blasting and powder coating equipment.