Blasting and Stripping

Surface preparation for cleaning, contaminant removal, prepping for paint and coatings, restoration, or surface profiling.

Abrasive Blasting

Abrasive blasting is a surface preparation technique where compressed air accelerates a blasting media through a hose, forcing the media to impact the substrate and removing the unwanted residue, paint, or coating. There is a vast range of abrasive media available for blasting, with the type, size, and hardness of the media all affecting the finished piece.

If the surface is going to be recoated or repainted, the adhesion and lifetime of the coating relies on the surface cleanliness and anchor pattern.  The anchor pattern (surface profile) is the profile depth of the surface and depends on the blasting pressure and the hardness, composition, hardiness, shape, and mesh size of the abrasive media.

For every project, we evaluate the scope, objective, specifics, and timeline and provide a customized service package. Every blasting operation is unique, and the correct choice of abrasive media and technique must be made to achieve optimum efficiency without causing damage to substrates, surfaces, or environment. Our solutions will allow you to achieve your project goal without complication.

Chemical Stripping

Abrasive blasting is best suited for outdoor projects or large, unoccupied indoor spaces. But, for smaller pieces, thin or delicate parts, or complex part builds, chemical strippers are the perfect solution. Chemical strippers effectively and economically strip any metal of paint, epoxy, sealers, and other coatings without impacting the substrate. The rapid stripping process means a quick turnaround of cleaned parts.

A safe, soft media ideal for removal of soot, smoke, and odor from fire damage. Prevents rust on cleaned surface.

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An efficient, effective, and economical hard abrasive that quickly and thoroughly prepares a surface.

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A lightweight, aggressive abrasive that can cut through corrosion and tough contaminants, but will not damage the substrate.

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A lightweight, gentle media that can clean thin-walled parts, thin welds, rubber, and plastic.

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A soft, non-aggressive media blasted at low pressures for soft and thin substrates.

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A diverse range of abrasives that can be precisely controlled and used on a wide range of surfaces, from heavily rusted steel to historic brick buildings.

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A durable, hard, and abrasive media that can be used at high pressure for thick coating removal, and at low pressure for extremely delicate substrates.

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A soft, low-density abrasive that is gentle, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and easily contained. Ideal to use around vegetation.

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A soft abrasive that is also durable and angular, making it perfect for selective coating removal, soft metal, glass, or plastic.

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For smaller, delicate, or complex pieces where abrasive blasting would not be practical, Epic provides chemical stripping for all metals.

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