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Sponge Blasting

A diverse range of abrasives that can be precisely controlled and used on a wide range of surfaces, from heavily rusted steel to historic brick buildings.

What is it?

Sponge Media is an open-celled, synthetic sponge that contains abrasives or cleaning agents. The diverse range of abrasives and micro-abrasives imbedded in the sponge allow it to be used in a wide range of jobs, from aggressive blast cleaning, to selective stripping of individual layers of coatings, to delicate cleaning and decontamination on highly sensitive substrates.

How does it work?

The sponge particles flatten upon impact, exposing the abrasive in the cells and scrubbing the substrate. The sponge cells then expand and pull back from the substrate, creating a vacuum that traps 95% of the dust, debris, and airborne contaminants that would otherwise be released.



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